About Smilez All Around

We bring enjoyment to every occasion for gathering family, community and organizations.

Ensuring a Smile for Every Occasion

Smilez All Around started as a balloon arch company several years ago and has since grown into so much more.  We now offer full event planning and design, balloon décor as well as balloon delivery.  Our special touch ads an upscale element to all festivities with accents of creative props and balloon artistry.

Balloon decorating is just a small part of what we do. We specialize in customized ornamentation for birthday and holiday parties, weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs; dressing for headquarters, open house and all occasions. Our designers create thematic arches, sculptures, dance floors, scenery backdrops, centerpieces, columns and tailored arrangements for an incredibly imaginative array.

The smile is our brand identifier because we serve others with the grace that God has given to us (1 Peter 4:10) which is the enjoyment of the good of our labor (Ecclesiastes 3:13). So, we don’t mind sharing some laughs and popping a few balloons!

Meet Our

Owner and Founder

The team of Smilez All Around is led by military spouse and former science teacher, Chloe Reddick-Jackson. A Treb Heining Pioneer Visionary Scholarship recipient, she is an award-winning balloon designer.

She combined her love for creativity, family and young people into this family business that is literally crafting its mark on modern pop culture. Smilez All Around is a premier event design business that blends commercial ideas, images and culture to fashion memorable moments.


Chloe Reddick-Jackson

Owner and Founder

Why Should You Choose Smilez All Around?

Our Mission is to ENSURE A SMILE



A genuine smile is priceless. Our prices are based on the value the client will receive. SMILEZ will create the outcomes within our budgeted means as well as fulfill the client’s ask.

Safety & Satisfaction

Safety influences customer satisfaction. SMILEZ ensures our services meet the required National Safety Council and International Balloon Association guidance. SMILEZ uses Qualatex balloons which are the leaders in balloon health and safety. Clients can feel secure and concentrate on your enjoyment of all that SMILEZ has to offer.


In the same way that a smile brings our attention to our faces, SMILEZ specializes in designing the wow factor that makes events meaningful and attractive. We create lasting memories.


Consistency stems from our foundation of faith which forms our code of ethics and integrity. We believe we are gifted to serve others and we steward that gift by consistently administering the same value to everyone. You always receive a premier product with SMILEZ. We deliver quality.


Clients choose who serves them. We value choice loyalty and we honor client relationships with the best value we offer so that you trust SMILEZ with your business multiple times.


Customer satisfaction, lasting memories, best value and honored business partnership are our mark of a great experience. A SMILEZ experience is our assurance of your smiles.