Balloon Design Courses

Learn the art of balloon decorating! We can teach you how to be a pro!

An educator for over ten years, Mrs. Reddick-Jackson, saw balloon décor as a promising career that still afforded her the opportunity to work with parents, children and creative concepts. She has been the premier balloon designer in Hudson Valley since 2014. Balloon Design courses with Smilez All Around provide learners with foundational techniques for balloon decoration. Chloe also goes beyond the artsy skill development to prepare aspiring event planners and designers with insider tips on how to ensure success of this unique event business with balloons. Learn to master balloon walls, backdrops and blooms in one-on-one and hands-on instruction.

balloon design courses

Learn All About Balloon Design!


Education is crucial in the balloon industry for ensuring safety, fostering innovation, and promoting professionalism. It provides the knowledge needed for safe balloon design and operation, while also encouraging the development of new and improved balloon technologies. Furthermore, education helps individuals in the industry understand business practices and stay updated with the latest trends and regulations. This leads to better products and safer experiences for everyone involved. In short, education is the key to advancing the balloon industry in a safe and innovative direction.